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Self-care: Who needs a nap?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The world is never going to be the same. Let's face it, confront it, accept it and prepare for what's coming. Our 'world' is no longer, and the new world is struggling to be born and to change each and all of us forever. This birth comes with complications.

A suggestion for you, the reader of this blog: consider and plan enough time, energy, and resources to care for yourself. If you're a normal healthy human being your instinct is to care for others first--put yourself at the back of the line. Obviously, you can't forget about your spouse, kids, animals, parents. You can, however, cut out 15 minutes every day to breathe, nap, watch a TED talk, take a short walk, listen to some soothing music. 15 minutes can lead to 30 minutes and the research is compelling:

* self-care is not being selfish

* self-compassion is not self-pity

* shifting 'never enough' to 'i'm enough' is healthy and empowering

* anything that reduces your stress is healthy and helpful to your entire ecosystem

* you deserve some care--you have already earned it

So, it's up to you, me, each of us. We're not going to get into a great future if we're dead and buried. We must find time and take the opportunity to practice self-care. As Katie Reed so thoughtfully said, "Self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what's left of you."

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